Our Services

We offer you a one-stop range of logistical solutions for both importers and shippers. Our services ranges from customs clearance. freight forwarding, import and export assistance, warehouse management, port handling, haulage and  transportation, and pre-financing solutions. 

Your custom Clearance
& logistic Solution Consultants

Santiago Logistics is a one stop shop for all custom clearance and logistical needs. The objective is to offer our clients a stress and problem free experience. Having been in the clearance business for a long time, at Santiago Logistics we understand all the challenges of importers and exporters including all the administrative and bureaucratic bottlenecks they have to endure just for a single clearing routine. These challenges often result in loss of time, storage costs/demurrages and damages especially in the case of perishable goods that ultimate affects importers/exporters profit lines and their respective service delivery.For these and other reasons Santiago Logistics have strategically stringed together the following services to shield our cherished clients from the unpleasant experience of incurring time loss and storage costs


Customs Clearing

Santiago Logistics deals with Customs and all other government agencies on behalf of clients to obtain prompt clearance. We file entries electronically and ensure that all government and agency requirements are met such as Standard Board, Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and all other requirements especially on food and drugs safety. We also handle all permit requirements and related documentations.

Freight Forwarding

Our comprehensive and extensive network enables us to provide secure, efficient & timely services at the most competitive rates. As an international freight forwarding company, we provide every service required to move freight globally and can manage the movement of your freight around the globe. We can advise on carrier selection, the best routes, ports of entry, and all aspects of global freight forwarding

Import and Export Services

Our team of experienced brokers and specialists in Ghana and across the world and helps to keep in compliance with all state and international regulations. Our efforts are designed to assist clients during import/exporting process and to save valuable time and money. Our services include both air and ocean freight as well as assisting on perishable/frozen cargo, and hazardous materials.

Warehouse Management

Warehousing is a critical component of an effective supply chain management solution. Santiago Logistics being an end-to-end solutions provider in logistics operations, we are well equipped to manage and operate temporal warehousing functions on behalf of our clients. This includes receipt, pick, pack, load and dispatch in accordance to agreed procedures including exceptions handling.

Port Handling Service

Our port handling services include discharge and loading of bulk, container, project cargo & dangerous goods. Care is taken during entire operation of loading / unloading at ports to ensure safe handling and delivery of all kinds of cargo including dry/ liquid cargo, dangerous goods/over dimensional cargo and ammunition cargo for various defense establishments.

Haulage and Transportation

We transport full Loads, Trailer loads, Canter loads, etc to all parts of Ghana. This includes preparation of a full inventory of the stock, Measurement of total weight and volume of the material to be transported and assessment of type of goods to be moved. Critical among our assessments is time availability assessment for effective and timely delivery.

Financing Consultancy

It has been realized that one of the major factors that causes cargoes to over stay at the ports and run into storage cost is the prompt allocation of funds for the execution of a quick clearance process. For our commitment to ensure that services are delivered within time, budget and space, we aid the clearing of our client's goods faster. This ensures smooth running of operations and assures our clients that they only pay upon a satisfactory service delivery.